Stephy Scolaro gives a sneak peek into her journey from being a model to an entrepreneur

Stephy Scolaro

We have witnessed music artists and movie stars garnering immense fame among the audience. Lately, the evolution of supermodels has grown exponentially in showbiz. Raising everyone's eyebrows, model Stephy Scolaro has diverted everyone's attention by becoming among the leading models and fashion divas. However, modeling has not only been the reason behind her success and fortune.

Stephy has had a seamless transition from runway to the entrepreneurial space, and she has established her name in the industry. Born and raised in London, Stephy has her roots in Italy with her father having an Italian nationality. The model grabbed everyone's attention after making her appearances on TV reality shows. Along with it, she has partnered and worked with the finest brands from different categories.

The sensational diva has walked the ramp for noteworthy designers and plush fashion houses of the world. While being on stage and getting featured has made her a household name in the glamour industry, Stephy always wanted to build a lucrative business empire. To chase her business goals, she started a clinic called 'LA Beauty Dolls'. Located in London, the clinic is home to advanced beauty, cosmetics, and skin care treatments.

With a team of highly-qualified and trained aesthetic practitioners, Stephy's clinic has gained immense momentum among everyone. Beauty has become essential for all those who are working as models and actors. And 'LA Beauty Dolls' is an ultimate podium for those who want to rejuvenate their skin. Having worked as a model for the longest time, Stephy understands how crucial it is for other models to look perfect on different occasions.

Apart from giving the aesthetic makeovers, Stephy has often left everyone impressed with her fashion statement. The former model says, "Fashion and a healthy skincare regime go hand in hand. Both complement each other. You may get that perfect skin, but if you are not well-dressed, your style statement can hamper your personality", says Stephy. Furthermore, the model-turned-entrepreneur feels overwhelmed to get into the business of beauty and cosmetics.

In addition, Stephy was asked about the best thing about her profession. To this, she replied, "I get to travel to different destinations. I meet new people and get to know their stories. There's nothing more I could have asked for." On a concluding note, she revealed that becoming a boss lady was by far the best decision of her life.