Stephon Clinkscales Recognized Among the Top 5 Health Coaches in the USA

Stephon Clinkscales

Everybody knows that health is wealth, but few know how to treasure it. From poor culinary choices to excessive smoking and drinking, people have been putting their health on the back burner for a long time. But karma comes around sooner than most realize, and the next thing you know, depression, diseases, and a general sense of unease make every day a battle of epic proportions. No wonder, then, that health coaches are on the rise. The good news for Americans is that one of the most loved health coaches, Stephon Clinkscales, has become one of US's top five health coaches.

Clinkscales is personally invested in the art of health, both physical and mental. His clients feel reassured by the humanity he brings to his fitness workshops or consultations. He says, "I have always had a passion for helping men and motivating them to become their best selves. Lots of men struggle with connecting to women, and we all can relate to it. Here I am to add value and help them through it." He shares his passion with his 46.1K followers on Instagram with a regular feed, which he uses to send "positive vibes to everyone."

Clinkscales deal with all kinds of people. They vary in their background, stamina, passion, and will-power, but there's one thing that he's found common among all of them. According to him, "most people suffer from depression and physical health disorders because they don't value themselves enough. While they feel dedicated to the well-being of their family and close friends, that line of sight rarely extends towards themselves." Clinkscales doesn't undermine the different roles each individual has to play in their life, but he insists on "helping men understand women and make sure they put themselves first. Make sure they are in a position to take care of themselves before anyone else. Value them first." Come heat, cold, or COVID-19, Clinkscales kept his promise to value himself first while encouraging his followers to give "no excuses. Just work."

Apart from regular workouts, Clinkscales knows the importance of eating a balanced diet and often tells his clients, "Whatever it is that you think about and consume, that's exactly what you are going to do!"

Clinkscales realizes the role of resilience and discipline in matters of health, persona, and well-being. As he dishes out advice and workout routines, he makes sure that he practices what he preaches. His followers value the inspirational content and encourage him to keep going and keep them going as well.