Stephen Curry unhappy with Roni Rose fiasco

Roni Rose was caught making an obscene gesture to Stephen Curry.

Golden State Warriors star player Stephen Curry is unhappy with the unwanted attention a model received during game two of the NBA finals. Roni Rose created a meltdown on social media when she was caught making an obscene gesture to the 28-year-old player.

A source told Hollywood Life: "Steph hates every second of the controversy. He hates that he has to think about it. He hates that he has to talk to his wife about it. He hates that he will hear it from the fans in Cleveland and he hates that someday his daughters will Google him and see these stories are out there and he will have to talk to them about it."

Meanwhile, Rose took to her Instagram account to address the incident. She wrote: "Sooo I was just drinking my drink and this happened. I'm just giving the boys a little motivation I guess. Go warriors lol #goldenstatewarriors#ronirose #oakland #bringonthehaters#gottalovecali #wewon #blueandyellow"

Stephen is happily married to Ayesha Stephen since June 2011, and the two are parents to a daughter, Riley, and son, Ryan. In the issue of Parents Magazine, he revealed that their relationship started off like the movie, The Notebook. He said: "Yeah, it was like The Notebook. The plan was to act like we were going to a family cookout. So we pulled up to the house, and I stopped in the middle of the driveway, got down on my knee, and went into my spiel. Little did I know the whole family was looking out the window, videotaping the moment."