Is Stellar a racy South Korean girl group ?

Stellar released their seventh single album called "Cry" on July 18

South Korean girl group, Stellar, wants to shred off their provocative sexy image for a girl next door look. The four-member band, which debuted in 2011, specifically adopted a sultry seductress image for the release of their first extended play Marionette in 2014.

During their long interview with International bnt, the girls opened about their concern on being seen as a racy girl group. Stellar apparently went on for a sensuous image in order to make their stand in the industry as their previous albums were not doing quite well. Talking about their transformation, Member Kim Gayoung once told The Straits Times: "By showing off our sexiness, we are able to grab the attention of male fans. That's why we thought we should add a sexy element to our image."

However, after two years of Marionette and release of Stellar's second mini album, the girls are not quite content of what fans expect from them: " We did feel a lot of pressure to do a sexy concept after 'Marionette.' If we try to do another concept, it gets overlooked. There isn't much response to other concepts. We feel sad that the public only views us as being a racy girl group."

Meanwhile, the Stellar girls, which consists of Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun and Jeonyul asserted that in real all four of them are far from raunchy image and boasts of varied personalities and reacts differently in given situation. The members told the publication: "Gayoung is quiet and calm and very introverted. Minhee is very talkative and expresses herself very well and isn't very feminine. When Minhee is feeling down, the entire team feels down and when she's happy, it cheers up the entire team. Jeonyul is really good on variety shows and you never know what she's going to say so you have to keep an eye on her. Minhee is the most talented on the stage and Hyoeun has a lot of female fans."