Stefanie Sun gives birth to second child two days after her 40th birthday

Stephanie Sun

Stefanie Sun, a popular Singaporean singer and songwriter gave birth to her second child, just two days after celebrating her 40th birthday. The 40-year-old singer took to her official Facebook handle and informed that she gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.79 kilograms on July 25 at the Thomson Medical Centre.

In the Facebook post, the singer revealed that she along with her husband Nadim had welcomed the new entrant into the family. She added that baby girl's current status is checking out a whole new world, while the parents' status is checking out a whole new girl. The singer also made it clear that the mother and baby are healthy.

The singer also thanked the doctors, nurses and staffs of the Thomson Medical Centre for giving impeccable care to the mother and daughter.

This is Sun's second child with Nadim Van Der Ros, her Indonesian husband. In 2012, they welcomed their first child.

Stefanie Sun, even in the forties is continuing her glorious career in the music industry. The singer who released her debut album 'Yan Zi' is still continuing her dream run. Having sold more than 30 million records in her 18-year career, Sun has a huge fan following in countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Some of her noted albums include My Desired Happiness, A Perfect Day, Against The Light, To Be Continued..., and It's Time.

Her latest album to hit the charts was 'No 13 Dancing Van Gogh' which was released in 2017. The album was released by Universal Music Taiwan, and the songs in this album were well received by critics and audience alike.

Fans of Stefanie Sun believe that their favourite singer will come back to the world of music once she completes giving maternity care to the newborn baby.