Steady Stack Becomes #1 Trading Algorithm with 80% Success Rate

Steady Stack

With an extremely complex and ever-changing market, traders are having a hard time navigating to make ends meet. This feeling causes overwhelm that can make people shut down and give up completely. Sometimes it can make them make rash decisions that have severe financial consequences.

The problem is that many traders focus on the wrong principles and foundations that causes them to end up in a loop of emotional and financial highs-lows.

Foundations such as:

  • Not establishing proper risk management practices.
  • Not developing a proper trading mindset. Lack of self-awareness and how to manage their own psychology.
  • Trading without a true plan.
  • Not investing in quality products and training - Thinking that watching free videos and using free alerts, signals and indicators will solve their problems.
  • Trading without mentors or a valuable community

8 figure business owners, Zan and Hassan Shaikh understand these frustrations firsthand. When they started in the trading world, they had little to no guidance and made all the mistakes mentioned above.

After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentorship, knowledge, and a team of A-players, the brother duo were able to figure out how to win in the art of trading consistently. With that being said, they developed an algorithm that with its 80% success rate and proven track record, could very much be the #1 trading algorithm in the world.

Enter Steady Stack:

Steady Stack is a software company that takes aspiring or existing traders and teaches them trading secrets that produce consistent and profitable results.

The 20-year back tested system tells traders exactly when to buy and sell with 86% accuracy.

"The ultimate transformation for our clients is achieving financial freedom for themselves and turning themselves into their personal ATM. Our clients go from not knowing at all, or not fully understanding the world of trading, to being extremely well-educated and confident in their future." Zan explains at an MIT tech conference.

It's important to understand that the founders are very particular about who they let use the algorithm. On countless occasions, both brothers have stated that the algorithm is like a high caliber weapon and that you wouldn't just hand a weapon like that to someone who doesn't know how to use it.

For that reason, the brothers have created an in-depth program that teaches users all the foundations and principles they need to know before they can start using the algorithm. They also host weekly classes to go over use cases and answer any questions from students.

"The 86% success rate didn't just come from giving out the algo to absolute newbs. We train and vet our users to make sure they are master traders and the algorithm is just a high-caliber weapon that accelerates their success" Hassan affirms.

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Steady Stack was founded by Zan and Hassan Shaikh. These brothers took their expertise with eCommerce enterprises and have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the last decade. They started with a drop-shipping business and quickly learned the highs and the lows of the cutthroat world of eCommerce. They took their newly gained knowledge and success and started teaching other people how to achieve massive success in these markets. From there, they continued to build upon their knowledge of the online world, including that of trading. Steady Stack has developed an algorithm that teaches you what to buy, what to sell, and when. They began selling this system of teaching people how to trade and they haven't looked back.