Stayclassy's founders Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala are expanding its business as a trendy e-commerce website


Whatever you want is just a click away. With the advancement of digitalization, shopping has become easier as one can shop any product by sitting at any corner of the world. There have been several e-commerce websites which have gained popularity in the last few years. While some shopping portals have become a one-stop destination for all the products, other e-commerce websites have been selling specific products; thus creating a niche for itself. Stayclassy is an online shopping portal which sells the best and the trendiest products online. The company was established by Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala who hail from engineering backgrounds.

Jaydip is an IT engineer who holds expertise in website development whereas Nihal is an electrical engineer who has worked as an RF engineer at Bharti Airtel. However, their mutual interest to get into the e-commerce industry saw both the entrepreneurs come together to build a successful business. The duo after doing their respective jobs decided to start a business of their own in May 2017. "We picked up mobile cases and covers as a niche and started selling it online. Initially, we took financial help from family and close friends and there were no great profits due to COD being the only option as the mode of payment", said Nihal.

With time, Stayclassy made its place in the market by offering the premium quality mobile cases and covers at a very affordable price. Jaydip while speaking about expanding their business said, "When you offer quality to customers, quantity in terms of money gradually comes in. When we started taking in prepaid orders, we got around 20,000 monthly orders. It was a huge order and an unbelievable feat achieved by the company. Another important point to note is that at Stayclassy, we expanded our products by selling T-shirts, mugs, watches, gifts and other customised products." The founders further added that the company is focusing on 65% of Indians who don't spend more money on expensive products.

"We are taking very low profit and huge volume so that business can survive well and customers also get the benefit of our low price and great quality products", added Dholariya. What started as a small-scale startup has flourished as a successful company. The sales of the products at Stayclassy has doubled in 2020 with approximately more than 50,000 prepaid orders monthly. As of now, more than 550 thousand orders have been placed successfully and there has been no stopping for this e-commerce website. The offices are located in Gujarat's Ahmedabad and Surat. Nihal looks after production, packaging, shipping, customer support and product analysis at the Ahmedabad office and Jaydip takes care of web development, website backend support and digital marketing from their office at Surat. The company with a team of 40 people is growing at an unprecedented rate all over India today.