Staten Island Anti-Vaccine Rally Speaker Threatens to Burn Down Schools and Town Halls

Anti-vaxxers constantly fuel conspiracy theories and create chaos by propagating false information regarding the Covid-19 safety protocols. One such speaker at an anti-vaccine rally in Staten Island on Sunday was slammed on social media after he threatened that schools and town halls would be set on fire if mandates persist.

The incident took place during a protest on Staten Island, outside a venue where New York Governor Kathy Hochul was scheduled to speak, reported Newsweek. The speaker who made such highly offensive comments has not yet been identified. Freelance journalist Oliya Scootercaster uploaded the videos of the speaker on her Twitter account.

Horrifying Threats

"If they're going to push this on the kids," the anti-vaxxer can be heard saying in the video, "I can guarantee you one thing: Town halls and schools will be f**king burned to the ground."

After some time, the speaker suggested he could resort to direct violence and that could be a major step taken to counter vaccine requirements.

The speaker said, "In 1776, nobody went to court, nobody went to court, anyone grabbed a gun and they f**king shot each other!"

"I do not condone violence and hope we do not get to that," he said. "But just understand that there are plenty of people that are ready to go there," he added.

Many people were heard cheering the anti-vaxxer. One person was heard shouting, "Yeah!"

Anti-vaccine gathering in Staten Island
A speaker at an anti-vaccine gathering in Staten Island threatened that schools and town halls would be set on fire if mandates persist Twitter/ Scootercaster

Frequent Anti-Vax Demonstrators in Staten Island

Staten Island is considered the most politically conservative of New York City's five boroughs. It has constantly witnessed various protests and rallies against vaccines and other Covid-19 protocols.

In September, crowd of 60 anti-vaxxers chanting "F*** Joe Biden" swarmed Staten Island food court to protest city-wide indoor dining vaccine mandate.

Social Media Reactions

Sunday's incident drew various social media reactions with many users lashing out at the speaker. Some netizens felt the anti-vaxxer should be arrested while others said, "the right wing anti vax Cult is a violent threat to America's security."

One user wrote, "This is going to get SO much worse before it gets better. These people are a death cult." Another wrote, "Anti-vaxxers are horrific people."

One comment read, "A crowd of MAGA moron terrorists cheering at the prospect of burning down schools, presumably while the kids are in class. All this so they don't wear masks." Another comment read, "That is when free speech becomes a crime."

One user commented, "I hope this person is charged with making terroristic threats. Don't we still have the Patriot Act to prosecute them?" Another said, "Arrest him for incitement to riot. What happened to the law and order party!?!"

"They rule up these uninformed Americans, creating hysteria, anger and hate. They want to see the country implode. Many Republicans are behind this act of treachery," tweeted one user.

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