Startup Fortune Founder Mervik Haums Explains Why IG is the Best Social Platform for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Mervik Haums

For the last few years, digital marketing has proven itself as the most efficient strategy for branding and promotion. And social media might be the most important part of it. No matter what you offer, your clients are all there on social media platforms. And they are willingly providing you with their personal information that helps you target your ads and address directly to your potential customers, avoiding those who will only waste your time. Compared to others,Instagram appears to be the most efficient marketing tool. So, when a Startup wants to start promotion through digital marketing, Instagram naturally becomes an important part of their marketing strategy.

Mold your Face

Instagram is a visual platform. Photos and videos are not just the most efficient advertising tools. They help you create the image of the company. It is especially important for a startup that it offers an innovative solution and must form its image from scratch. Quality visual content forms the style and atmosphere of the brand and helps establish a personal connection with potential customers. We've tried this visual content strategy with the instagram account of Startup Fortune and the results are incredible, it brings more engagement and turned out to be more productive to impress and bring in new leads compared to other means.

Great Minds Think Alike

The algorithm of Instagram does not only allow you to target your ads, you can also use it to find like-minded businesses and influencers. Collaboration and mutual promotion are among the most efficient tools of digital marketing.

Stay Up to Date

Instagram has the most hype of all social networks nowadays. All the trends in social life, fashion, and business first appear on Instagram and then spread all over the world from it. Instagram presence helps startups keep up with the latest trends and the moods of potential customers and partners. At the same time, unique tags and reposting allow any idea to go viral and any startup to become a trendsetter itself.

Get Feedback and Adjust

"Never before in history have we had a chance to get real-time feedback and validation like we do with social media. Instagram is a perfect place to test concepts, get a lot of feedback in a short period of time, and do so all for free. It's revolutionary for startups and personal brands as it eliminates the need of hiring an expensive market research agency or consultancy to do initial research on an idea. Simply post and start collecting feedback."

Easy Call to Action

One of the first things you learn about marketing is that you have about 2 seconds to catch attention. Instagram is built in a way that a user is already prepared for short videos and impressions and reacts instantly. When the brain is set into such an active pace, it is important to provide a customer with the shortest way to your solution. When a user must look for information, he is most likely to lose interest along the way. All that said, Instagram looks like a perfect CTA (Call to Action) platform. Using stories with "swipe up" buttons is a great example of how to be constantly visible to your followers and engage them. When you publish a story, your profile appears at the top of the feed, no matter what the Instagram algorithm "thinks" about your efficiency. At the same time, there is an option of paid promotion in Instagram Stories. And the "Swipe Up" buttons are the ultimate CTA tools that will dramatically increase traffic towards your website.

Across all of the social media platforms, Instagram might be the one with the most diverse coverage. It gives startups a perfect opportunity to be exposed to the widest auditorium, build its visual image, and establish direct relationships with customers and partners. All those features are perfect conditions for online promotion.