From Starting Small To Making It Big With The Barn Miami - Here's Gaston Rossato's Story

Gaston Rossato

You must have seen a lot of people who start small but fail to make it big. However, Gaston Rossato's story is somewhat different. He started his car dealership business as a side hustle but now has customers from all around the world.

When Gaston Rossato was six months old, his family shifted to America with three hundred dollars in total. His entrepreneur father began a car dealership and had Rossato work with him in his free time, thus instilling an interest in cars in him. When he was nine years old, Rossato wanted to buy a bike and asked his father for money, who instead asked him to earn it. Rossato borrowed a hundred dollars from his dad and bought a Toyota from his neighbor with that money - he then marketed it and sold it for two hundred and fifty dollars - out of which he returned hundred dollars to his dad and used the remaining money to buy his bike.

Gaston went to Florida International University for his degree. He worked with his dad full-time, after graduating he worked as a claims adjuster at an insurance firm and worked on dealing with cars as a side hustle. Pretty soon, Gaston expanded his business from his garage to his backyard to his parents and friends' backyards - around 2013, Gaston quit his job and officially incorporated The Barn Miami. Since then, he has managed to build up his inventory of more than two million dollars.

Gaston's story is inspirational for many; he is a man who believed in his passion, took risks, and ended up with a thriving business. He is a true car enthusiast, which reflects in his efforts to maintain car culture and offer the best and most wide-ranging services to his customers. He started his business as a side hustle and now has customers all over the world. His journey from his first car dealership to owning The Barn Miami is truly an inspiration for many who are looking to start small. His journey shows that to make it big one needs to first start something. You can't achieve anything if you lack the motivation to start.