Starliner covers new ground with debut single


With a new name and a new sound, Starliner has entered a new territory with an innovative kind of rock-n-roll. He has just released his debut single, "Never Satisfied", and is receiving great reviews.

After playing in bands for most of his life, Starliner has moved on to create the music he connects with the most. Dillan Dostál, who goes by his artist name Starliner, has a deep foundation in rock music, playing guitar in bands from a very young age. He has combined that foundation with his enthusiasm for pop hooks and melodies in this new pop/rock single. He has entered a brand-new area for him and this song is perfect for his debut as a solo artist.

"Never satisfied" is an extremely high-energy single where you can hear Starliner's incredible, rock-inspired guitar playing abilities. He combines that classic rock style guitar performance with modern, vibrant synths for this incredible, modern pop/rock song. Starliner says about the song's lyrics, "It's very autobiographical. But I think it can be applied to anyone. It's really about the human experience, just always wanting more and working hard to get it."

While in the past he has been recognized for his skills as a guitarist, this is the first time we get to hear his singing ability as well as his musicianship. His voice is a perfect complement to the music. It combines that familiar growling, rougher edge sound of rock music with a balance of the ease of a more pop-sounding vocal.

Starliner is looking forward to touring next year, where his live performance is sure to grab the attention of any crowd. This song is sing-along ready and you will find yourself singing along after the first time you hear the chorus.

In "Never Satisfied" you will appreciate the outstanding performance of Starliner as a musician, singer, and songwriter. He plans to release the video to go along with the single in the coming months and his first EP, "20/20", later this year! We feel this talented, young artist has a very bright future in music and look forward to hearing his next release.

The debut single, "Never Satisfied", is available on all major platforms.