The Stark Reality of Gas Prices: Current Trends and Perspectives that Impact Oil and Gas Industry According to the Expert, Kentaro Hasebe

Kentaro Hasebe

As gas prices shoot higher and higher, people around the world are left wondering if they will ever return to an affordable range. For most consumers and even economists, the gas and oil industry has become nothing more than a set of numbers they see at the pump or a data set to be analyzed. For Kentaro Hasebe, however, the gas and oil industry is a complex, yet critical field that few take the time to truly understand.

As a Geoscientist, Kentaro understands better than anyone how costly it can be to find healthy, plentiful oil wells to source from. Until recent years, the methodology for deciding where to drill was an estimate at best. Some geoscientists relied on a scenario-based approach to generate a global subsurface uncertainty curve, while others used a probabilistic approach to generate the probability exceedance curve. Hasebe revolutionized his field by taking the best elements of both approaches with the Experimental Design (ED) Method.

The ED Method reduces the number of required calculations, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to evaluate subsurface uncertainties, while also providing a more accurate output. Hasebe's methodology has been put to the test many times, saving a project in Indonesia $300M and another project in Russia $700M.

The ability to accurately decide the location of a production well is not only a cost-saving effort, but it's also an environment-saving one. Many people think that those in the gas and oil industry have no regard for the earth that supplies us with this resource, but for people like Kentaro, that could not be further from the truth. He does what he does because he loves the earth more than anything. His passion for geoscience can be traced all the way back to hiking through the mountains in Japan with his dad when he was a young child. It is his love and appreciation for nature that keeps him invested in supporting the gas and oil industry to operate efficiently and with the environment in mind.

By being able to accurately locate the best places to source oil, Hasebe can help preserve areas of the earth that are not ideal to be used in the oil and gas industry. There are mixed opinions on the ethics of the industry itself, but at this point in time, oil is a resource that the world cannot live without. With experts in the field that are committed to minimizing unnecessary drilling and maximizing the use of individual wells, the oil and gas companies will save money, and those savings are likely to help keep gas prices steady.

Right now, prices are shooting sky-high because some places oil is sourced for the world, such as Russia, are no longer dealing with the global market. Now, countries around the globe are forced to look for alternative options, which may require the development of new wells. If these decisions are inevitable, it's best to make them through the lens that Kentaro Hasebe has. His decades in the field and his love for the earth make him stand out, but they also make him exactly the type of expert that is critical everywhere at the moment.

His unique expertise and innovative problem-solving abilities set Kentaro apart from many in the field. He is committed to teaching others and sharing his methods through field seminars and workshops, helping train the next generation of geoscientists on how to make decisions that will save everyone money and help preserve this planet we all call home.