Starbucks to Reopen Cafes in Italy as Country Starts Softening Coronavirus Lockdown Rules

Starbucks has been incurring losses in North America, Europe and parts of Asia with most of its cafes closed for more than two months.

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Coffee giant Starbucks on Monday said that it will reopen its cafes in Italy, as the country finally started easing its coronavirus lockdown rules that continued for almost two and a half months. However, the coffee chain giant said that its flagship location in Milan will remain closed for the time being.

Starbucks like other businesses and stores had pulled down its shutters in Italy in March following the coronavirus outbreak. Italy became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe with the country under complete lockdown more than two months. The country finally started reopening with the government allowing shops and restaurants to start operations from Monday.

Italians Can Enjoy Starbucks Again

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The Starbucks group on Monday said that it will reopen all its cafes in Italy except for the flagship location in central Milan. Starbuck stores in Italy like other businesses and companies remained closed for more than 10 weeks, as the country continued to fight the deadly coronavirus.

On Monday, restaurants, coffee shops and hair salons started reopening in Italy. Starbucks said that it will open its cafes in Milan and Turin but will keep its Roastery in central Milan and the one in Malpensa airport closed. Starbucks opened its Milan Roastery in September 2018, which has been a big draw for both Italians and tourists since then.

Starbuck's announcement of opening its cafes in Italy comes two weeks after it said that it will reopen more than 85 per cent of its stores in the United States by the end of this month. Also, 90 per cent the Starbucks cafes in China have opened following after the country started lifting restrictions following the lockdown.

Rules in Cafes to Change

Starbucks Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frapuccino
Starbucks has reopened 90 per cent of its cafes in China

Starbucks cafes won't look the same anymore. The company said the way the stores will be operated keeping in mind safety issues. "How we operate these stores will look and feel different," the company said adding that the store operations would follow the government's rules for the sector and also maintain social distancing.

Although customers will be able to drink their beverages at the tables so long they maintain social distancing, all coffees will be served in takeaway paper cups. Also, the company will encourage contactless payment. Masks and gloves too will become a permanent feature with all baristas serving coffee wearing masks and gloves.

In Turin, Starbucks will offer only takeaway beverages. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Starbucks has turned many of its cafes into drive-thru. Opening of the Roastery and the Melpsena cafes are yet to be decided. Starbucks, last week, said that it will start phased reopening of 150 of its drive-thru locations and some takeaway outlets in the United Kingdom.

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