Star Wars Actor Ray Park's Oral Sex Video Shocks Fans; Social Media Account Hacked?

Actor Ray Park has not reacted on the video, and nor has he spoken about allegations of familial abuse

A video of Scottish actor Ray Park in a compromising position with his wife was posted on the actor's official Instagram account. The video was shortly removed, however, it could not evade the sharp eyes of his fans who expressed shock over the post.

The questionable video was of Park receiving fellatio from his wife Lisa. As soon as the video was posted, fans began speculating and discussing conspiracy theories behind the posting of the video. Initially, fans commented that the actor's Instagram account might have been hacked.

Ray Park
Darth Maul of Star Wars, Ray Park's latest Instagram video created a sensation and left fans in shock. Instagram

Conspiracy Theories of Abuse and Revenge

However, numerous fans also said that it is likely that Park had posted the video purposely as an act of revenge against his wife who is allegedly cheating on him. Amidst revenge theories, there were others who commented that Park is known to be abusive towards his family. A tweet was accompanied by a picture of a letter claiming to be written by Park's children, "My father is disgusting," was also posted.

None of the above claims have been substantiated with evidence and continue to remain as speculations. However, in spite of the video creating a storm, Park has not offered any clarification or put the minds of fans at ease. However, most of his fans claim that the actor's Instagram account may have been hacked.

"According to Ray Park's wife, the allegations of abuse are false, and the posts made by his kids weren't actually from his kids. I removed the original tweet, but I'll update this thread as to spread the true story if one comes out so nobody is misinformed," wrote one Twitter user.

Ray Park to Be Back as Death Maul in New Star Wars Series

Meanwhile, a parody account of Disney took to Twitter to post about Darth Maul. "Check out Ray Park's Instagram page for an exclusive first-look at Maul, an original @StarWars series coming soon to #DisneyPlus. Darth Maul is busy polishing his brand-new single-bladed lightsaber! Are you ready to see him in action again?" the tweet from the parody account read.

Star Wars
Ray Park is all set to return as Darth Maul in new Star Wars Series. Twitter

Park is an actor and well known martial artist. He participated in several martial arts tournaments before making his way into the silver screen. Park is known most for his role as Darth Maul in the Star Wars franchise and was also popular for his performances in movies including G.I Joe, G.I Joe Retaliation, X-Men and Heroes.

This article was first published on July 25, 2020