Star Wars 8: What mysteries will the 'last' episode unravel?

Rey will be given strict training sessions and that will be imparted by Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker
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After waiting for years, Star Wars: The Force Awakens delivered its fans the answers to some of the questions that they have had in their minds since the time Return of the Jedi released. The film is considered to be the Episode 7 and is also believed to be the starting of a new trilogy of movies. Basically, fans are now eagerly waiting for the Star Wars 8. .

Star Wars 8 spoilers suggest that maybe this is the last film where Luke Skywalker will be appearing as a Jedi. In fact, Rey will possibly take the role forward.

In the last film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Luke Skywalker was seen in Jedi robe and robotic hand and Rey reach up to Skywalker by climbing a cliff to hand over his lightsaber, and film ends there, it's expected that the next film will be focussing mainly on Luke Skywalker and Rey.

According to the reports, Rey will be given strict training sessions and that will be imparted by Luke Skywalker. Though Luke Skywalker may be hesitant to train her in the beginning, he ultimately does and the training goes on for a pretty long time till Rey becomes efficient enough to face the dark side of the force, mainly Kylo Ren.

Morning Ledger reports that Rey will get impatient and frustrated during her training session which will remind the fans of Luke Skywalker's training session from Master Yoda where he was equally impatient. But, Rey would eventually learn to use the lightsaber and would gain many other skills to get the Jedi knighthood.

It is expected that as Rey will be trained to be a Jedi, Kylo will also be trained under Snoke, the Supreme Leader. If things go like it is said, fans can expect a showdown between the two central characters in Episode 9.

The accuracy of the details is yet to be confirmed by Disney and LucasFilms, but fans should not expect any confirmation until the Episode VIII releases which is scheduled on December 15, 2017.