Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nicholas's Ashes to be Launched into Space in Vulcan Rocket

As a mark of respect to the legendary actress Nichelle Nicholas, her ashes will be launched in space on 'Vulcan' Rocket, later this year. Nicholas was 89 years old when she died in July.

Overwhelmed by emotion, her son Kyle Johnson said that that a memorial spaceflight will be an appropriate memorial for her adding, "It's where she belongs."

Celestis Inc., a company that specializes in memorial spaceflights, has taken the initiative to send a "symbolic portion" of the actor's cremated remains to the stars.

Nichelle Nicholas was one of the star performers in the science fiction show "Star Trek" and was loved by her fans for her character portrayal.

Nichelle Nicholas

Space is the Perfect Place for Nicholas to Rest in Peace; Social Media

A report published by Los Angeles Times referred to the statement issued by Charles M. Chafer, co-founder and chief executive of Celestis Inc. who stated, "We are truly honored to add a legendary stress activist, and educator to the Enterprise Flight manifest. Now, our Enterprise Flight will have on board the person who most completely embodied the vision of 'Star Trek' as a diverse, inclusive, and exploring universe."

Her fans have taken to social media showering her with affection and tributes. A faction of her fans stated that there couldn't be a place more perfect than space for her to rest in peace.

Film actor and producer, Sybil Danning tweeted, "STAR TREK CASTmembers as Nichelle Nichols James Doohan@ creator Gene Roddenberry's ashes will be flY into space as Memorial Mission William Shatner & I friend and mutual fans of each other's work@ event We look forward to "beaming you up." William, fan of HOWLING II here in Star."

Another user tweeted, "Nichelle Nichols's ashes will be launched into space to honor her. To boldly go indeed. Such a fitting honor for that legend."

"Boldly going into space! Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols who died last month is set to have her ashes blasted into deep space as part of a special enterprise mission," read a tweet.

This article was first published on August 26, 2022