Star Awards 2016: Rui En apologises for accident while receiving All Time Favourite Artiste award

Rui En received All Time Favourite Artiste Award at the event.

Singaporean singer-actress Rui En addressed her recent controversy at the Star Awards. The 35-year-old actress received All Time Favourite Artiste Award at the event.

En recently created headlines after she ran into a parked motor cycle and allegedly tried to run. Following the incident, she had released an official statement taking responsibility of the unfortunate situation and also apologised to the motorcycle owner, whose vehicle she knocked down by her car.

En said in her acceptance speech: "This is an important moment in my career but I also face a difficult obstacle. To be a good actress, I not only have to act well – but I also have to put on my best self to the public. Because I have a straightforward personality, I show all my emotions on my face, so sometimes that causes misunderstandings."

"I still wonder every day if I'm suited for the entertainment industry. Regarding the recent incident - it's still under investigation, so before the full report is out, I hope you can all forgive me. I'm unable to answer the media at this point, but I hope to apologise for whatever inconveniences this has caused. I am very sorry," she added.

Adding on, En expressed gratitude to her management Hype Records "for supporting me no matter what happens and what mistakes I make".

"Thank you Lord for walking me through this. Once again, I'm sorry," she said.