Stanley Tucci immortalises 'Negroni', wins internet with his cocktail video (Watch)

Trust Stanley Tucci, the Emmy award winner, to make everything hot for his fans. Be it his onscreen demeanour or his offscreen antics, the man certainly knows how to woo his audience. The Devil Wears Prada star, recently shook the internet by posting a video showing him making the boozy cocktail, Negroni.

Stanley Tucci
Instagram Grab

Social media was set ablaze with Tucci's fans calling the video the hottest thing on the internet. In the video posted a few hours ago, Tucci could be seen making a drink for his wife Felicity Blunt as she recorded him making the classic cocktail in his kitchen.

Stanley Tucci knows how to keep his woman in high spirits

Dressed in black, Tucci lays out a step-by-step guide for making the boozy drink. The jazz music being played in the background, just adds to the fun. Beginning the recipe by adding some ice to the cocktail shaker, Tucci says: "What you want is a double shot of gin. If you don't want gin you can use vodka."

The Hunger Games actor then continues, adding a shot of sweet vermouth, and a single shot of Campari. Before pouring the drink in the coupe glass, Tucci shakes it for the one last time.

He then garnishes the drink with a slice of orange. Before handing it to his wife, Tucci takes a swig and says: "That's good."

Social media is in love with Stanley Tucci

The video posted on Instagram soon became a hit with over 72,000 views within a few hours of being posted. The Spotlight star captioned the post: "Drink up! "

As soon as the post went up, a fan quipped: "The Negroni shall henceforth be known as the QuaranTucci." Many fans also requested the actor to come up with more cocktail tutorials.

"I just adore this and you! Share another cocktail please! " quipped a fan.

Even though Tucci is yet to join the Twitter bandwagon, his hot way of serving up the Negroni certainly made him trend on the social media site on the number six spot, with nearly 10,000 tweets with the hashtag #StanleyTucci and #Negroni trending.

"Women only want one thing and its stanley tucci patiently making a cocktail and explaining each step as he does so," tweeted a user.

"Nothing — and I mean nothing — has soothed me in the last six weeks quite like the way Stanley Tucci making a "Negroni" on Instagram has," wrote another.

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