Standout Features of the Cardtonic Bitcoin Wallet You Should Know About

Cardtonic Bitcoin

Online gift cards are trendy these days. If you can't decide what to gift to someone, you send an online gift card with the value as the gift's budget. But what happens when you throw in Bitcoins to the mix? The point here is, what if you had an online gift card with Bitcoin as the exchange platform? This would enable you to sell gift cards faster than you've ever done before.

But to make the most of this service, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. Previously, users found the Cardtonic Bitcoin Wallet slightly complicated. As a result, Cardtonic revamped the wallet and came up with brand-new features. According to the new features, every user would get access to individual Bitcoin addresses. How that does benefits everyone? Let's find out.

Latest features

Back then, you had to wait for the exchange to transfer your Bitcoins so that the receiver can get your gift card. With the latest update, a receiver only needs to create a Bitcoin address to receive Bitcoins in the gift cards he gets. It works any time, and you can even send gift cards if you have enough Bitcoins in your wallet.

It also took a lot of time to upload proof through the conventional bitcoin trading process. You had to wait for at least one business day for the system to upload your ID proof. Cardtonic has successfully abolished that process because it was time-consuming. Everything is fully automated now. The only thing that you or any receiver has to do is generate your Bitcoin address. This will enable you to receive gift cards in the form of Bitcoins. The Bitcoins will automatically convert to Naira and get added to your existing Naira balance.

How to create your Bitcoin address?

As already mentioned, every Cardtonic user can add a Bitcoin address. Here's how you can do it:

● Open the app and go to your profile page.

● Among the tabs that you see, you need to go to the Bitcoin Trade Page. This page consists of an option called "Generate BTC Address." Click on that option to generate your Bitcoin address if you don't already have one.

● As soon the system generates your Bitcoin address, you receive a QR code. This code is unique for every user. It also mean that you now have a permanent Bitcoin address for your Cardtonic account.

Why is this address now essential for everyone? Well, you wouldn't have to use any other trading app or the cryptocurrency exchange to convert your Bitcoins. The new system opens doors for receiving Bitcoins at any time. But remember, your bitcoins will automatically go into your Naira balance at their corresponding rates. You can search for the rates on the Bitcoin page.

If you want to transfer your accumulated Naira balance to your bank, you need to request a transfer directly from the app. The latest changes in the features would make transactions and gifting gift cards more comfortable than before.