Stan Lee's cameo in Once Upon A Deadpool will break your heart

Stan Lee
Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee Twitter/@TheRealStanLee

So apparently Once Upon A Deadpool will break your heart with its Stan Lee tribute. It is being reported that the filmmakers have included a Stan Lee cameo, and watching it will surely be an emotional gut punch to fans.

Ever since Stan Lee's passing, fans have speculated on which upcoming Marvel movie will feature an in memoriam of Stan Lee. Many fans were hoping for a tribute at the end of Avengers: Endgame bringing Lee's work and involvement in his beloved creations full circle.

But it seems that the unlikeliest of Marvel superheroes has beaten them to the punch. Deadpool's tribute to the late great Stan Lee is supposed to be emotional and heartbreaking. Deadpool 2 didn't feature a Stan Lee cameo but it did have "Stan the Man" feature in a trailer for the movie where Deadpool in true fourth wall breaking fashion recognizes the man responsible for his existence.

Once Upon A Deadpool is the first Marvel movie to hit screens after Lee's passing. It beat Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse by a few days, so the responsibility of the tribute, unspoken as it was, fell on Deadpool and we have to say that Ryan Reynolds and the Merc with a mouth have done justice to that tribute.

Now we can also hope to have tributes to Stan Lee in the upcoming Captain Marvel as well as the culmination of ten years of Marvel's cinematic journey with Avengers: Endgame.

We for one are not intent on watching Stan Lee's in memoriam to break our hearts. Once Upon A Deadpool is in theatres now.