Spotify rolls out editorially curated podcast playlists

Each of the customised playlists will be curated by Spotify's in-house editorial team and updated regularly

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has announced roll out of its editor-curated podcast playlists for users in the US, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Mexico and Brazil.

The new step is meant to solve the problem people often face with discovering new podcasts to suit their interests. Each of them will be curated by Spotify's in-house editorial team and updated regularly.

Solving problems of finding new podcasts

"We are launching dozens of playlists - all intended to help you find your next favorite show or episode. Whether you are a budding chef listening to Fodder for Foodies in US, or an aspiring Beckham shuffling through Goal! in the UK, it is never been easier to find your perfect podcast," the company said in a statement.


Three different playlists

"The full mix of playlists will look a little different in every market, but stay tuned-over time, we will continue to update existing playlists and add new ones," it added. The programme will consist of three different playlists that will change and adapt ever week: Best Podcasts of the Week, Brain Snacks, and Crime Scene.

Spotify is also launching 15 other podcast categories, including a 'Murder Monday' playlist with murder stories, a 'Who Runs the World' playlist highlighting inspirational women and 'This Week in Hollywood' about celebrity news and gossip.