Spinning alien mothership spotted in the skies of Greater Manchester

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A bizarre footage apparently taken from Heywood, Greater Manchester is now trending among the UFO enthusiasts. The clip released by conspiracy theory channel UFO Today shows a spinning flying saucer in the night sky. Just like the saucers we have previously seen in sci-fi flicks like Independence Day, this UFO too had several lights beaming out.

According to the description, this video was shot on April 03, 2018 by a Manchester resident named Karl Booth. "The family dog started barking when he saw this scary UFO sighting. The light grew as it came towards the family as they took photos with their iPhones. These photo's failed but the video footage was great. This great disc-shaped UFO was being filmed with their smartphones. The object seemed to be turning into a light ring," wrote the conspiracy theory channel in the video description.

UFO Today also argues that this is one of the most compelling video evidence ever of a UFO encounter. Most people who watched the video left behind comments saying that aliens do visit earth quite often and the government authorities are aware of it but never admit.

However, skeptics are not ready to believe UFO claims as they did not find anything anomalous in this clip. According to UFO debunkers, the flying object spotted in this video is nothing but a drone flying at a very low altitude.

"I would have to agree with it being a drone. There is just something about the way it rotates and the clarity of the lights means it's not that far away. I've seen similar drone footage to this so I'm 99.9% certain," commented Deb Aneke, a YouTube user.

Interestingly, the new sighting was reported just a few days after seven UFOs were spotted near the International Space Station (ISS). Many conspiracy theorists strongly believe that alien disclosure will soon happen, and it will reshape the entire fate of our planet.

This article was first published on April 6, 2018
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