HTC Nexus 'Sailfish' phone specifications leak online

Upcoming HTC Nexus phone codenamed 'Sailfish' gets leaked specifications through an unspecified source.

The upcoming HTC Nexus phone codenamed 'Sailfish' returns to spotlight as more details on the smartphone's specifications have surfaced online after nearly two months from the date of its first leak. Folks at Android Police have credited the leaked information to an unspecified source with immensely-reliable track record.

As there is no secondary source or a confirmed primary source for this information, you must take the phone's leaked specifications with a pinch of salt. The upcoming Nexus phone codenamed Sailfish aka S1 is one of the two highly-speculated HTC devices with 5in screens.

The other widely rumoured Nexus phone codenamed 'Marlin' was nicknamed as the 'T55' while the 'Sailfish' was nicknamed as the 'T50' in the earlier rumours. It is ascertained that only one of these two will be the smaller variant with a 5in display.

Except for the complete list of specifications for the Sailfish Nexus phone, there are no other details available at the moment regarding the pricing, release date or different storage/RAM configurations for the device.

Although the existing rumours hint that HTC will be making the Sailfish and Marlin Nexus phones, it is still unclear if HTC will indeed market or brand the device. Furthermore, it is not yet known if the base model with 5in display will feature a 32GB or 16GB storage at the base price.

Nevertheless, here is the complete list of features for the Sailfish Nexus phone as confirmed by an unspecified source: