Special Chinese New Year banknotes to be available in Singapore: Check all details here

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A man photographs lanterns at a temple decorated to celebrate Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 7, 2016. Reuters

New and almost new notes will be available in Singapore for Chinese New Year. The special notes will be available from January 29 to February 15 at POSB pop-up ATMs in select community clubs.

36 pop-up ATMs will be put up in 27 community clubs this year, compared to 22 in 2017. The initiative is being held by DBS and POSB in collaboration with People's Association.

Customers will also be able to reserve new banknotes online and collect them at their convenience at DBS and POSB branches. The ATM machines will be in service round the clock, apart from the Chong Pang Community Club one. Bank staff will also be available at each spot from 9 AM to 9 PM for any assistance.

DBS Bank managing director and head of consumer banking group Jeremy Soo has said that they are catering to their customers' wish of spending more time with family and less time waiting for new notes.

He adds that this is why "we are introducing more pop-up ATM locations this year." The machines have also been upgraded to hold more notes so that more customers can be served.

List of pop-up ATMs for Chinese NewYear

This is the fourth time that new notes are being given for Chinese New Year via pop-up ATMs by DBS/POSB and People's Association. The DBS statement says that more than 110,000 customers availed of new notes in 2017, from which majority collected their notes after banking hours or on weekends.

This year, customers can withdraw new notes in sums of S$100 (S$2 x 50), S$300 (S$10 x 30) and S$500 (S$50 x 10). For the first time, they will also be able to withdraw cash in sums of S$200 (S$2 x 100), S$300 (S$2 x 50 + S$10 x 20) and S$500 (S$10 x 20 + S$50 x 6) to reduce time for multiple transactions.

Those who want to make deposits during lucky timings on Li Chun day, February 4, can also use the DBS PayLah online app to do so. They might even get a chance to win $88 on their transactions on that day.

Check out the lucky timings below:

From Monday, interested customers may visit www.go.dbs.com/sg-cnynotes or www.posb.com.sg/cnynotes to get their Chinese New Year new notes reserved.

Additional services such as priority queues for the elderly and disabled will be set up at all full-service branches. Customers who visit these branches and pop-up ATMs will also receive DBS or POSB red packets.