Speak to them in "their language"! A talk given by Mahdi Keimanesh, the most successful and experienced dog trainer, on what to do and what not to do when dealing with dogs

Mahdi Keimanesh

You enjoy something and you think that your dog must enjoy it as much as you. You like some special food and you think that your dog loves the same food. You lived in a way that you think your dog lived and grew through.

Speak to them in "their language"!

Barking for a short moment between you and your cute dog may be funny, but if it lasts for long and continuous, especially when it barks and at the same time you make your voice louder and louder, this can be very annoying for your dog. Experts believe that dogs do not understand the meaning of the conversation you make and you should not expect that by raising your voice, your dog will understand what you intend and the meaning of the words you say. It is also inappropriate to shout at your dog to silence it, and it may even make it worse if your dog thinks you are playing with it and raising its voice louder than yours. Instead, try to understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

Don't share your dog's food and toys with others.

Humans learn from an early age to share their possessions with others. This is sweet and good for children, not dogs. "Dogs like to be the only owner of what they have," experts say. So maybe you can borrow its toy happily, and he will give you its toy just because you are the boss, but it upsets them.

Dogs use their tails to show their posture. Some people interpret any wagging of a dog's tail as a sign that it is happy with what they are doing, and this is one of the most common misconceptions. Experts say: "Usually a dog that is awake sticks its tail and gently shakes it from side to side, while a dog that wags its tail shows that it is obedient. But a dog "is happy when it shakes its tail fast and in unknown directions."

Sticking in front of the TV for hours?

If you think that when you get home after work you can easily take off your shoes and lie on the sofa in front of the TV for hours, you are completely mistaken because your dog will be very upset.

"Dogs need a stimulus. While pet dogs are aware of the importance of daily walks, many are unaware of the importance of mental activity and the communication with their pet." So make sure to assign some time during the day for physical and mental activity with it.

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