Spanish Minister Claims All EU Coronavirus Debt Will be Repaid

The fund was proposed by the European Commission and welcomed by most of the EU leaders, but still requires to be agreed upon

The Economy Minister of Nadia Calvino mentioned on Friday that all the debt issued by the European Union for helping its member states deal with the consequences of the coronavirus or COVID-19 will eventually be paid back.

The debt is going to be sustainable as it will finance projects for helping the EU resume the economic growth that got interrupted by the coronavirus crisis, she mentioned in a virtual panel held by French thinktank Cercle des Economistes.

Debt Issued by EU to be Eventually Paid

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"Obviously the debt will be repaid," said Calvino, who has been proposed by Spain to head the Eurogroup, the club of 19 finance ministers of the Euro Zone countries. "The long-term sustainability of the debt is guaranteed and we are making plans and act responsibly as Europe ever has," she added.

European Union leaders are due to meet in Brussels on July 17-18 to negotiate a proposed COVID-19 economic stimulus package worth 750 billion euros ($840 billion) partly financed by jointly issued debt.

The fund was proposed by the European Commission and welcomed by most EU leaders, but still needs to be agreed upon. Fiscally conservative northern countries led by the Netherlands are loath to see their taxpayers pay for grants to southern European states. Spain would be one of the main beneficiaries of the recovery fund with around 140 billion euros in loans and grants.

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