Spain hospitals nationalized, Macron promises household bills to be suspended in France

Hospitals in Spain to be Nationalized and household bills in France to be suspended as coronavirus pressure mounts

After the coronavirus emerged as pandemic and particularly Europe getting declared as the new epicenter of the outbreak, the Spanish government has announced nationalization (public control) of all of its hospitals and health service providers in the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The announcement was made by Salvador Illa, Minister of Health of Spain

Spain is one of the worst-affected countries outside China, second only to Italy in Europe. Last week the country declared a state of national emergency, closing down schools and public spaces and told citizens that they are supposed to leave the house only to work and to buy essentials such as food and medicine.

Med grads roped in

Illa also stated that all fourth-year medical students in Spain would get involved in direct healthcare and medical equipment producing companies would be asked to get in touch with and the government for support in this mode of crisis, Politico reported.

Madrid has closed restaurants, bars, and shops — with exception of supermarkets and pharmacies. Authorities have used drones in monitoring the movements of citizens. "The government of Spain will protect all its citizens and will guarantee the right life conditions to slow the pandemic with as little inconvenience as possible," Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said.

France decides suspension of bills

On the same day, Emmanuel Macron, President of France pledged to help French economy with a €300bn (£273bn) package and said, "not a single firm will go bankrupt." While he promised households that all gas, electricity and heating bills and rents would be suspended throughout the crisis, reports Guardian

He said "We are at war – a public health war, certainly but we are at war, against an invisible and elusive enemy," and added that anyone who acts opposite to the new regulations would be punished, he said.

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