SpaceX plans two heavy launches in just three days, here are the details

Elon Musk-led Space X has the record of making eight successful launches last year, this year it plans to achieve 20

This is going to be a stellar year for Elon Musk, as his SpaceX has already made 13 successful launches this year. With every additional flight it undertakes, the company is setting the ceiling even higher. Last year, the firm had initiated a great start, however, it had to content itself with 8 launches. Following a fuelling mishap, which destroyed its Falcon 9 rocket and the payload along with it, the SpaceX decided not to have any additional missions. However, last year's gloom has given way to a more dedicated and focused approach this year. The firm is now eyeing to conduct two launched in three days.

On Monday, the SpaceX will attempt to launch 10 satellites into the orbit about 700km above the Earth for Iridium, reported ArsTechnica. The launch would be conducted from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 8:37 PM SST. This is third of the scheduled eight launches that the Musk-led space company will make for Iridium, which is engaged in setting up a new constellation of communications satellites, dubbed Iridium NEXT. Post the launch, SpaceX is also scheduled to attempt a return landing of the first stage aboard the "Just Read the Instructions" drone ship in the Pacific Ocean, stated the report.

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Later, on Wednesday, SpaceX is scheduled to undertake another launch from Kennedy Space Center at 4:30 PM ET (4:30 AM Thursday). In this mission, the firm will put SES-11/EchoStar 105 satellite into geostationary orbit. Incidentally, the firm will attempt to fly a "used" first stage booster in this endeavour, which This firm has tried only twice before. In this case, SpaceX will also try to conduct a drone ship landing attempt in the Atlantic Ocean.

If both of these launches go through smoothly, SpaceX will be on the trajectory to fly the most orbital rockets this year than any other nation or company. The firm plans on completing 20 launches this year, stated the report.

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