SpaceX founder Elon Musk opens up about extraterrestrial existence

'Trust me, No contact made with aliens'


Elon Musk, the South African billionaire who is the founder of SpaceX has now opened up his thoughts about extraterrestrial existence. As per Musk, the United States government has never made contact with the aliens, and he believes that all the conspiracy theories surrounding aliens are nothing but internet hoax.

Elon Musk also added that his company SpaceX has a very secretive 'Area 59', and it is apparently more advanced than the notorious Area 51, the confidential American military base.

"There are people out there who think we have found aliens. Trust me, I would know: We have not. People ask me if I have been to Area 51. Ok, please. SpaceX actually has area 59 and it's eight better than area 51," said Elon Musk, reports.

Elon Musk also revealed that colonizing Mars is a must as there will be no option for humans to survive, as the earth will be doomed in the future.

"Not from the standpoint of Mars just being an escape hatch or because I think Earth is doomed, but because there is a certain irreducible probability that something may happen to Earth. Despite our best intentions and everything we try to do, there is a probability of external forces or some internal unforced error causing civilisation to be destroyed or sufficiently impaired such that it can no longer extend to another planet," added Musk.

A few days back, Elon Musk had claimed that humans have not designed a planetary defense weapon to combat huge space bodies like doomsday asteroids that are in a collision course. However, experts at NASA had previously claimed that they have developed a planetary defense weapon that is capable of deflecting approaching asteroids.

As per NASA experts, hitting an approaching asteroid with a giant spaceship will deviate its original trajectory, and thus the rogue body will whiz past earth safely.

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