Space experts claim 3 mega asteroids head towards earth; Why is NASA still silent?

Asteroid Pixabay

Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that three black holes were on their collision course that could be threatening to the Milky Way. Now based on so-called data gathered from US space agency NASA and European Space Agency (ESA), experts claimed that three gigantic asteroids are currently on a course that could see them smash into the earth.

In the past few years, many experts have notified people about asteroids. Some of them also claimed that asteroids will hit the earth's surface that will cause a catastrophe and obviously, most of them turned out to be hoax.

This time, a science based YouTube channel, which has more than 195,000 subscribers, called Destiny, claimed that three mega asteroids, 101955 Bennu, 1979 XB and Apophis, are on a course that could see them crash into earth.

The experts, who share their own theories through this channel, claimed that there is a probability of up to 2.7 percent that Apophis will hit earth on April 13, 2029.

As per the narrator, if this incident takes place, "computer simulations have been done showing that if it hits the earth Apophis could wipe out up to 10 million people in Columbia and Venezuela. A strike in the Pacific Ocean would wipe out every coastal city and town along the west coast of the United States."

On the other hand, the experts mentioned that 1979 XB will first pass earth in 2024 from a safe distance. But still, it will continue to pose a threat till the mid of the century. The third space rock, 101955 Bennu has a 1 in 2,700 chance of hitting the blue planet between 2175 and 2199.

But we should not forget that NASA collects all the data related to space rocks and possible threats. So there is no doubt that the authorities will be more worried than YouTube space channel experts and they will definitely warn people about killer asteroids.

In fact, very small asteroid 2019 MO, measuring just 4 meters, entered the atmosphere over the Caribbean on June 22, though posed no threat. But NASA was able to detect it and flag it in advance.

It should be mentioned that more than 700,000 asteroids have been spotted in space and as per the space experts at least five of these asteroids will turn into a threat for the blue planet this year. If these killer asteroids somehow enter the earth's atmosphere and hit the planet, then there will be no existence of humans. But NASA said that it has so far found and monitoring 8,000 near-earth asteroids which are at least 140 meters wide and they are keeping a sharp eye on these space rocks.

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