Spa Sciences: The Skincare Tool Company Offering Affordable At-Home Spa Solutions

Spa Sciences

As colder weather has started creeping into their lives, many people have noticed changes to their skin. Whether it's dryness, breakouts, or redness, most people have experienced at least one of these issues. And unfortunately, they're here to stay for a while, so why not invest in something to help solve these skincare woes?

Luckily, the skincare tool company Spa Sciences has more than enough tools to help with every issue one may be facing. Co-founded by Michael Friend and his business partners Lewis Hendler and Lila Friend, the trio has scaled the company thanks to its high-quality, low-price, cruelty-free products.

Spa Sciences currently only has nine products available, though they're in the works to release new items, like a sonic lip plumper and an epilator. Every product is getting rave reviews, with each earning at least four and a half to five stars. A customer favourite is the NOVA, a waterproof and rechargeable antimicrobial sonic cleansing brush that helps push cleanser deeper into the pores while simultaneously gently exfoliating the skin.

The difference between the NOVA and other cleansing brushes is that it uses sonic vibrations instead of spinning, tugging on, and harming the skin. Not only does this mean NOVA doesn't disrupt the skin's natural barrier, but it's a perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. The brush is so good it's even been endorsed by well-known actress Eva Longoria.

For Spa Sciences, there is nothing more important than providing customers with something that actually works and shows visible results. Too busy to go to weekly spa appointments, "Bring the spa home," as Spa Sciences' slogan goes.

Another customer favourite is the AERO, a transepidermal delivery system that combines sonic, ionic, and thermal infusion. These technologies maximize the performance of skincare products and help ensure they achieve their fullest potential. It's even been proven by independent lab testing to be seven times more effective than just using one's fingers to apply products.

The team over at Spa Sciences is always working on bettering their products and are currently upgrading some of their best selling products, such as the MIO, a rechargeable diamond microdermabrasion device that not only exfoliates skin for a smoother and softer look but also suctions the skin to clean out congested pores.

Spa Sciences doesn't have plans to stop scaling anytime soon. To stay updated and get sneak peeks on new products, you can follow them on Instagram .