The Sovereign: Dr. Kislay Panday Prominent Supreme Court LawyerLaunches His Book On The History of Indian Politics

 Dr. Kislay Panday

While there are political systems and structures in every country in the world, the political scenario in India has multiple layers to it. Sometimes, when you pick up a book on politics and go through it, you end up becoming more confused about the political climate in the country. For every citizen, it is quite important to have a fair understanding of the political ecosystem of their county. 'The Sovereign', a recently launched book authored by Dr. Kislay Panday (Solicitor and Advocate Supreme Court of India), offers insights into the political history of India and tells us what leaders can do to set things right.

Talking about the thought behind this book, Dr. Kislay Panday says, "I have had a very keen interest in politics right from the time I was in school. Being a lawyer, I understand how closely law and politics are intertwined with each other. Laws and policies, at the end of the day, are formulated by the government. Not just lawyers but every citizen of our country plays a role in propelling its growth forward. However, to do so, one needs to have a good understanding of the political history of the country and all the good and bad things it led us towards".

Dr Kislay Panday is known to be one of the most dynamic young lawyers in the country today. As a leading Supreme Court lawyer, he has fought some of the most discussed criminal cases in the recent past. He took the onus of fighting the Bulandshahar gang rape case and ensured that the victim got justice and the perpetrators were punished. He also fought a case on behalf of the wife of the reputed journalist Rajdev Ranjan who was brutally murdered.

"Though my responsibilities as an advocate at the Supreme Court of India keep me extremely occupied, I was determined to write 'The Sovereign' as I felt it was important to pass on the knowledge I had accumulated about the political history of India to those who hadn't studied it in detail. The book encompasses several chapters and talks about a plethora of important political events that shaped India. I have tried to present all the information in a comprehensive format so that readers find it easy to absorb everything. These days, I find a lot of young people telling me that they are not interested in politics. I hope this book makes them understand the growth of their own self and that the prosperity of their country is dependent on politics. As an author, I want to write books that help the residents of India introspect", he says.

Apart from being a lawyer, Dr Kislay Panday has been a theologist and a social activist as well. With 'The Sovereign', he has taken giant strides as an author. The early reviews for the book suggest that it is one of the best books written in the history of Indian politics so far. While the book is already receiving critical acclaim, Dr Kislay Panday hopes that it reaches out to a large number of people and contributes towards bringing positive change in our society.

Dr Kislay Panday has a reputation for taking up cases that most lawyers feel apprehensive about dealing with. He is known for being fearless and taking a stand for what is right. The book, among other things, offers one a glimpse of his righteousness and his urge to make this country and the world a better place to live in.