Southwest airline sued by flight attended after pilots livestreamed bathroom video to cockpit

According to the lawsuit, a flight attendant saw an iPad mounted to the windshield of the cockpit showing a livestream from the lavatory.

Southwest Boeing 737 Max
Southwest Boeing 737 Max YouTube grab/ CBS

A flight attendant has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over a live cam placed in the lavatory which the pilot and co-pilot used to watch live feed from the cockpit.

The lawsuit claims the incident came to light when Renee Steinaker was working a flight between Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and was asked by Capt. Terry Graham to cover for him in the cockpit while he used the restroom. Protocol states that two people must be in the cockpit at all times.

While in the cockpit, Steinaker noticed an iPad mounted to the windshield showing a livestream from the lavatory, according to the Arizona Republic. The lawsuit claims the co-pilot, Ryan Russell, panicked when she asked about the camera. Court paperwork also states that Steinaker and other flight attendants were told to keep quiet about the incident.

Southwest Airlines released a statement saying: "The safety and security of our Employees and Customers is Southwest's uncompromising priority. As such, Southwest does not place cameras in the lavatories of our aircraft. At this time, we have no other comment on the pending litigation."

The attorney's representing Steinaker and her husband, who is also a flight attendant, also released a statement: "The cockpit of a commercial airliner is not a playground for peeping toms. Behavior that distracts and distresses crew members during flight compromises safety. Every day that these two pilots are allowed to fly for the airline is another day that our client fears she will have to work with pilots she alleges have caused her significant harm."