Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs introduces her 'Stud Muffin' to the world

The announcement from the actress comes more than a year after her bitter split from her former co-star and lover, Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm actress, Ashley Jacobs, has found love once again. Jacobs took to Instagram to officially make the announcement and introduce her new boyfriend to the world, Mike Appel.

In the post, sarcastically hinting at the huge age difference between Jacobs and her ex, Thomas Ravenel, the actress wrote: "Found someone close to my own age!! And our birthday's are just a day a part! Happy birthday to this cutie♥️. Thanks for making me smile!!"

Jacobs' new lover manufacturers designer undergarments

Later, wishing the new 'Stud muffin' in her life on his birthday, Jacobs wrote: "You were born, and the world became a better place. Happy birthday you stud muffin!!!"

The announcement from the actress comes more than a year after her bitter split from her former co-star and lover Ravenel. Her latest beau is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of a garment company, specialising in manufacturing coordinated designer undergarments.

Relationship with Ravenel was a dark period

Ravenel and Jacobs broke up in August 2018. The 57-year-old American politician, who was previously married to Kathryn Dennis and had two kids with her, was thrown out of the show following his arrest in September 2018.

A former nanny, Nanny Dawn, had accused him of rape. In October, they reached a settlement after which Ravenel paid her $45,000 towards personal legal fees and $80,000 to a local nonprofit that helps adult survivors of sexual assault.

Ashley Jacobs
Ashley Jacobs                                                         @ashleyhjacobs/Instagram

In an interview in July this year, Jacobs had described her relationship with Ravenel as a dark period that left her depressed. "I mean, if you're dating someone and there's allegations [against them], you can imagine just that in itself [takes a toll]. It concerned everyone that was close to me," Jacobs told Entertainment Tonight during the interview.

"That was really difficult. That's not normal. Then you add custody, and then you're adding children, you're adding the show, and two people in a relationship just trying, you know? We were still trying to figure it out. It wasn't meant to be."

The previous relationship left her traumatised

"It left such a bad taste in my mouth, really. There's some trauma related to it. As much as I look back at pictures and I think, what a beautiful place, I still can't help but feel [like] that really sad, lonely, depressed person," she added.

She also said that she does not want to be in a similar 'place' again, stressing on the point that it was the worst year of her life and that she had tried hard to make the relationship with Ravenel work.