South Koreans File National Petition Seeking Ban on Lay, Victoria, Kyulkyung and Cheng Xiao

Korean netizens have filed a national petition to stop China-based Korean pop stars from promoting South Korea due to the Korean War controversy.

The Korean War controversy has come to the fore again, with South Koreans submitting a national-level petition to ban certain Kpop stars who have supported China's involvement in the Korean War. The petition named EXO's Lay, f(x)'s Victoria, former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung, Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao, Xuanyi, Meiqi and others. The netizens have requested the country to ban these China-based Korean pop idols from promoting Korea and its culture.

The petition stated that these Kpop stars have extended their support to China by praising Chinese soldiers' contribution in the Korean War. The Korean netizens have clarified that they do not want anyone changing the historical narrative of the country with their promotions. "China continues to make propagandistic materials to commemorate their involvement, creating films and broadcasting documentaries during prime time on television," stated the petition.

Lay and Victoria
EXO's Lay and f(X) memebr Victoria. Instagram

Allkpop website stated that these idols named in the petition have become popular by debuting in Korea but are misusing their popularity to distort the history of the country in terms of the war. "This gesture is gaining momentum, as it is influencing other Chinese audiences and international viewers who are not knowledgeable in Korea's history," the petition read.

National Petition Under Review

The petition is under review by the petition administrators and thousands of people have already signed it. Korean netizens have taken this decision as rumors of Chinese customs not clearing BTS-related products into China started floating on social media. China, however, responded to these claims and clarified that there has been no official order to ban BTS products in the country.

Though China and South Korea have clarified that there is no tension between the two countries, netzines from both the countries are using social media to escalate the Korean War issue. It all started after BTS member RM in his speech mentioned the Korean War while accepting the Van Fleet Award given by a non-profit organization of the United States of America. In his speech the Kpop star said that the contribution of U.S. during the Korean War was commendable.

China, which had supported North Korea during the Korean War, was not mentioned in the speech and Chinese netiznes took offence to it. They stated that BTS had insulted thousands of Chinese soldiers who had sacrificed their lives during the Korean War. Since then, netizens of both the countries are at verbal war with Chinese netizens trying to degrade Kpop stars and Korean netizens reacting to it by seeking ban on Chinese Kpop idols in Korea from promoting the country.