South Korean web series 'AREX Airport Railroad' and 'A First Trip' win LA webFest awards

Jeong Hyeon-nam of 'AREX Airport Railroad' gets the Outstanding Lead Actress award in the drama category,

Two of South Korea's web-based series have won international laurels at LA WebFest held in Los Angeles on Sunday.

This year the LA WebFest featured 10 Korean web series in different categories, out of which "AREX Airport Railroad" and "A First Trip" bagged the tittles.

While Jeong Hyeon-nam of "AREX Airport Railroad" received the Outstanding Lead Actress award in the drama category, Yoon Incheon of "A First Trip" managed to grab attention by its Outstanding Cinematography award in the three-day festival held at Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood, reported yonhapnews.

La WebFest is one of the world's oldest and largest festivals, with about 600 titles from across the world submitted every year.

Meanwhile, talking about the growing popularity of Korean drama across the world, Kang Young-man, director of 'AREX Airport Railroad' stated that Korean Web series has the potential to take over the viewership on global video platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

"As Psy's 'Gangnam Style' created a boom that has led to K-pop receiving worldwide attention on YouTube, Korean Web series will rise to the center of the phenomenon in the future," the Korean born American filmmaker told Yonhap agency.

Web series 'AREX Airport Railroad', which got its actress the 'Outstanding Lead' award at the fest, is about a man and a woman who first meet on an airport-bound train and develop a romantic relationship while traveling together.