South Korean singer Rain's parents accused of fraud

South Korean actor/singer Rain Instagram

The Rain Company released an official statement on November 27 addressing the issue surrounding singer Rain's parents.

Singer Rain's parents fell prey to fraud accusations against them by a netizen who claims that even after repeated attempts the money was not repaid.

It was reported that a post on an online community said, "singer Rain's parents have not repaid the money they borrowed from my parents and have disappeared".

The netizen also stated that his parents ran a rice store and Rain's parents ran a rice cake store in Seoul's Yong Moon Market in 1998. According to the online note, he said "My parents are now over 50 years old. I have written to Rain and tried to contact him, but I have not succeeded. The time to sue has passed, and I don't have the ability to take legal action either. Repay the money, even if it is now".

The accuser claimed that Rain's parents borrowed 17 million won (amounting to nearly $15,000) worth of rice and 8 million won (amounting to $7,000) in cash. He further claimed that when asked to repay the money, Rain's parents quoted hardship and refused to repay the money. As a proof of his accusation, the netizen posted a promissory note along with the details of money transactions.

In response to the accusation, the Rain Company stated in a press release seeking time to process and analyze the situation. The statement said "We are currently in the middle of ascertaining whether what's being said is accurate. As what the other side is claiming has to do with Rain's mother who is deceased, we will quickly meet with those involved and check the existence of the debt and will do our best to come to a resolution".

In the recent past many celebrities' parents have been accused of money fraudulence.Dok2 earlier responded to fraud accusation against his mother while Microdot's parents are currently under the scanner for fleeing the country after borrowing money.

This article was first published on November 28, 2018