South Korean Executive Found Dead in Phuket With Plastic Covering His Head, Left Note for Family

Phuket police are investigating a suspected suicide case of a South Korean man, whose body was found inside a pickup truck

The dead body of a 40-year-old South Korean executive was found inside a white pickup truck in Muang district by the Phuket police. When they found the body, the local police noticed that his head was covered with a plastic bag.

Police Lt Col Narong Muangduang, who is investigating the case said they found the vehicle with Phuket license plates in a car park of Golden Triangle Been Co in the tambon Vichit area. The officers discovered the body in the driver's seat, after being alerted at around 11.40 am on Friday, July 31.

Police Investigation

dead body
Representational image Wikimedia Commons

As reported by the Bangkok Post, the unnamed Korean man was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. While the head was covered with a plastic bag, it was secured with tape around his head. The police noticed a tube inside the car, attached to the plastic bag, while the end was connected to a nitrogen gas tank in the back of the vehicle. Further investigation led the officers to a letter written in Korean inside the pickup truck.

After an official at the South Korean consular office in Phuket translated the letter, it was found that it was an apology letter to the victim's family and girlfriend for what he had done. In the letter, it was also written that the deceased tried his best but failed to succeed and now he wanted to take some rest.

The investigators also checked the security camera footage, which showed that at around 7.35 am on Friday, the deceased drove the vehicle from his house in tambon Vichit to Golden Triangle Been Co, where he was employed as an international marketing manager.

The video footages also revealed that the man parked the vehicle and went out to light a cigarette. After coming back he got inside the truck and appeared to do something inside the vehicle for almost 17 minutes. As per police, it is possible that the man had been suffering from stress due to personal affairs or work. The body of the deceased was sent for autopsy. Police are now investigating the suspected case of suicide.