South Korean Civil Servant Installs Secret Cameras in Female Toilets; Appeals for Lighter Sentence

South Korea has been one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and this has its own share of drawbacks as there has been a rise in cybercrimes. Women have often become an easy target and one major issue that they have battled is surreptitious filming at public places.

Hidden Camera
[Representational Picture] Civil Servant caught installing secret cameras in female toilets appeals for lighter sentence. REUTERS/Lucien Libert

An Epidemic
Spy cameras are perched inside the public toilets to capture ladies' undressing and peeing. In most cases, those clips land on the internet and the victims will not know that their videos were all over the adult sites. A few years ago, journalists had described this as an epidemic in the country.

Here is one such case where a civil servant, whose name has not been revealed, is caught doing this shameless act. A report on Koreaboo site claims that the pervert has admitted that he used to place cameras in the women's toilet rooms.

Coming Early to Office with a Reason
He has told the court that he was an early bird to his office which had impressed his boss and co-workers, but he had different intentions to come early to the office. Once checking in, the pervert would go to the first floor of Daejeon Daedeuk City Hall Main Building to place the secret camera in the toilet room to capture the women when they are at their most vulnerable.

Since his acts went unnoticed, he decided to install another camera in the fourth-floor restroom. Still not satisfied, he decided to change the angle of the hidden camera and he was eventually caught.

Lesser Punishment
The CCTV footages confirmed that he was repeatedly entering the toilets. He was sentenced to four years in prison, but his lawyer pleaded for lesser punishment since he did not spread the videos on the internet and had no intention of making profits out of it. Hence, his sentence was reduced to two years.

Although the court passed its order in November 2020, the case is not closed yet as he has not accepted the judgement and appealed for a lesser punishment.

Nonetheless, many feel that such crimes should be dealt with an iron hand and a stricter punishment be given for such crimes.