South Korean band BTS affirms to enlist in military service

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Amid pleas for exemptions against the mandatory military duties for BTS, South Korea's Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Do Jong-Hwan has put the speculations to rest by announcing that the boy band will fulfil its mandatory military duty.

Jong-Hwan defended to lawmakers that all members of BTS will enlist for military service. According to South Korean law, every healthy man aged 18-35 is required to serve a minimum of 21 months in military service owing to the constant threat posed by North Korea.

Though the current scenario projects a friendlier relationship between the two countries, they are yet to agree upon a peace treaty, forcing the South Korean military to stay on guard.

The debate regarding the band's military duty was sparked by a lawmaker from opposition party claiming that BTS' achievement in the music industry should qualify for exemption from mandatory military service. This triggered a series of intense discussions with some filing online petition calling for the boy band's disbandment. Surprisingly, none of the band members of BTS has excused themselves from military service or responded to hate messages.

Do Jong-Hwan put the debate to rest stating that BTS has never shied away from military services and are willing to enlist for the same voluntarily. He further stated that "The Ministry of Defense will work with the culture and art department to devise a reasonable alternative solution for artists".

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