South Korean actress Shin Se-Kyung responds to defaming rumours

Shin Se-Kyung has responded to reports that she is flirty with her male counterparts.

South Korean actress Shin Se-Kyung has released an official statement against the malicious rumours floating around the internet in order to defame her. The 25-year-old actress has responded to reports that she is flirty with her male counterparts.

The Six Flying Dragons actress, who has been targeted in the past about her plastic surgery, released a note through her agency, Namoo Actors, about the legal actions the actress can take against the ones spreading rumours. The official comment from the agency read: "Shin Se Kyung strongly emphasizes that the rumor that's spreading online is false. They say rumors and malicious online comments are the prices a celebrity pays for his or her popularity. However, the latest rumors are full of vicious intent which is extremely offensive for especially a female actress."

The statement also expressed that the rumours are not only upsetting the actress, but also her family, friends and fans as well. Talking about the stringent action against the wrong doers, the agency added: "We declare that these malicious rumors that step all over one's dignity are absolutely not true. We will take civil and criminal legal actions against the ones spreading the rumor. We will take a strong stance against the people who hide behind the anonymity to produce false rumors and promote further widespread."

"From now on, Namoo Actors will strongly fight against the people who spread false rumors through malicious blogs and people who post vicious comments. We will do our best to protect our artists' individual and civil rights," Namoo Actors stated.

According to Korean law, defamation of character or creating career damaging rumours is illegal and if found guilty, the offender can be fined or will be sent to jail for two years.