South Korea reports the 8th death from Covid-19, faces grim future

South Korea reports another death on Monday following the raising of the threat level in the country

South Korea confirmed the death of another coronavirus patient in Gyeongbuk University Hospital on Monday, bringing the total to eight in the country. There has been no other information about the 57-year-old man.

The government has raised its alert level to "red", the highest in the four-tier system following the death of seven people who were infected by the new coronavirus. The new death was that of a person who was in a hospital in the southeastern county of Cheongdo and had passed away on Sunday, February 23, which raised the precaution level in the country.

Several hospital staff and patients from the Daenam Hospital were also confirmed to have been diagnosed positive for the disease as of Sunday. In a matter of few days several people have contracted the disease and eight of them died.

The infections are said to be heavily concentrated in the city of Daegu. More than 600 people have been infected with the disease in South Korea alone.

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Department of Defense issued additional guidance

No compulsory military training recruitments for now

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense is issuing additional methods to prevent the spread of the virus and its tweet read: "All field and school-based training has been controlled and replaced by garrison training." Any additional field training underway will be stopped and the soldiers will return to the bases, it said.

In South Korea, there have been calls asking the organizations to make the people work from home. The twitter hashtag "work from home" is trending as well. The country is heavily dependent on buses and other public transports leading to high possibilities of spreading or catching the disease. The people from the country work the longest hours when compared to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, neighbouring country Vietnam has taken measures to stop any flights traveling to and from South Korea in view of the scary situation emerging from South Korea.

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