South Korea developing 'Frankenmissile' to combat North Korean nuclear threat

In the midst of dangerous nuclear threat posed by Pyongyang, South Korea revealed that they are developing Frankenmissile against North Korea.

South Korea military holds drill in response to Pyongyangs sixth nuclear test

In the midst of rising tensions on the Korean peninsula due to the blind nuclear ambitions of North Korea, the South Korean army on Thursday revealed that they are developing 'Frankenmissile' to safeguard their country. The 'Frankenmissile' is aimed at combating North Korea's escalating missile and nuclear capabilities which is posing a direct threat to the South.

The Army revealed the details of missile development in its recently submitted report to an annual parliamentary audit by the National Assembly's Defense Committee.

The deadly dangerous Hyunmoo IV

In the report, the South Korean army said that Hyunmoo IV, the 'Frankenmissile' is under development and it is capable enough to destroy the underground army facilities in North Korea.

According to the South Korean army, the surface-to-surface missile which is under development, has advanced pre-emptive striking capability which can successfully neutralize Pyongyang's nuclear and missile sites. The missile can also target long-range artillery units in North Korea.

"We would use those three types of missiles as the first salvo of the missile strike and concentrate them during the initial phase of war to destroy North Korea's long-range artillery units and missiles located in ballistic missile operating areas," said the Army.

South Korea's missile payload increased

Last month, South Korea had signed a deal with the US which scrapped the limits on country's missile payload. Previously, South Korea was banned from using warheads which are more than 500 kilograms. The country was also not permitted to develop ballistic missiles which cross the range of 800 kilometers. Under the new deal, the country is reportedly advancing its ballistic missile arsenal, posing a powerful challenge to North Korea.

The army also added that the country's plan to develop new ballistic missiles is a game-changing operational concept which is aimed at preventing the casualties and to end the war as early as possible if ever it erupts.

South Korea's Marine Corps initiates new plan to protect its islands

South Korea's Marine Corps, in the report, said that they are initiating a new program aimed at protecting the South Korean border islands from North Korea's infiltration attempts. The Marine Corps was formed by South Korea in 2011 after North Korea conducted an artillery attack on Yeongpyeongdo, one of S.Korea's farthest islands.

"Not only do we focus on the northwestern island, the Marine Corps will seek to expand the command into a new defense command for strategic islands. We will seek to establish a unified command structure for strategic islands in the West, East and South seas," said Jun Jin Goo, the Marine Corps commander.

Earlier, North Korea has revealed their special military plans to seize South Korean islands, including Yeongpyeong and its nearby island of Baengnyeong. The new plans from the Marine Corps are designed to combat this move from Kim Jong-un and protect South Korean border regions.