South Korea: Bird flu alert at the highest level ever; no human infection so far

South Korea has already carried out culling of at least 12 per cent of its total poultry population

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Picture for representation Reuters

South Korea has for the first time raised the alert for bird flu to the highest level after agriculture ministry said that the disease has spread nationwide. The recent development comes just after two days of the ministry banning the transportation of poultry in the country.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, authorities informed that they will come up with detailed measures to combat the virus after consulting with the related ministries, reported Reuters.

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Though a severe strain of bird flu known as H5N6 has been reported since the outbreak of the disease about a month ago, there has not been any case of human infections as of yet.

South Korea has already carried out culling of at least 12 percent of its total poultry population and other quarantine measures, like the nationwide standstill order in November, have been stepped up to stop the wider spread of the virus in Asia's fourth-largest economy.