SOTA's beloved 'Tree of Knowledge' felled, legacy ends

Picture for representation Pixabay

The 33.6m tall Angsana tree, fondly known as "Tree of Knowledge" by Singapore's School of Arts students was chopped down on Sunday, January 21 afternoon after it base was decayed beyond treatment.

The 40-year-old tree, also called the SOTA Tree, was removed for the safety of students, staff and members of the public, said a school spokesperson. The tree was even incorporated into the design of the school eight years ago.

Students and staff of SOTA commemorated their beloved tree by creating a mural of leaf prints on Friday, January 19 and using its trunk in art. It was also announced that a new sapling will be planted later on.

SOTA principal Lim Geok Cheng hopes the legacy of it lives on though it is extremely saddening for the school to bid farewell to the Tree of Knowledge.

Angsana trees, which grow up to a height of 40 metres, were planted in Malaya and Singapore as shade trees. However, most of them have been cut down due to fungal infection. Angsana trees were also planted as part of Singapore's Garden City campaign launched in 1967.