Sophie Turner kept this HUGE secret from her parents about Game of Thrones; star's mother was Shocked

Game of Thrones Premiere
Sophie Turner Reuters

Sophie Turner sure is on a confession streak. The Game of Thrones star revealed that she kept a pretty big secret from her folks. She didn't tell her parents that she was auditioning for a role on the future hit HBO TV show.

Reportedly, Sophie revealed that she auditioned for the fantasy series as a "jokey thing to do" with her friends. And because she wasn't serious about auditioning, she neglected to inform her parents.

"I didn't tell my parents I auditioned for Game of Thrones, they just kind of found out," Turner recently told Vogue Paris, while promoting the film Dark Phoenix. The role of Sansa Stark was Sophie Turner's debut and we have to say, what a debut it was.

The 23-year-old said the show's casting director, Nina Gold, visited multiple schools, searching to cast young actors. "Me and all my friends auditioned," she said. "We just thought it was kind of a fun, jokey thing to do. And then I just got call back, after call back."

We have to say, being able to keep a secret from your parents for so long does require some serious acting skills. "My parents found out when I was in the final seven, and then my mom kind of freaked out, and she called my dad and said, 'I don't know if we can do this,'" Turner continued. "But my dad said, 'Shut up, this is what she has wanted her whole life. You have to let her give it a go."

Her mother seemed to come around and Sophie went on to play the iconic role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

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