Sony's new patent could turn your home into smartphone's wireless charging source

Sony's new patent enables you to turn all home electronic devices into wireless charging source.


Keeping all your devices charged could play a pivotal role in our everyday life as most of our important data is saved in those devices. Sony might just have the solution as its latest patent application enables you to charge your phone from anywhere, even if it's another phone. The company has recently applied for a patent that allows charging one's phone wirelessly from another.

This feature could surely be amazingly useful. With this technology you can just power up your phone in emergency situations, from one of your friend's phone, who might have a better charged-up device.

The patent filing for this technology holds a lot of promise for the future as it suggests it will not be limited to just phones. Instead Sony could apply this method to its TV, fridge – basically all electronic devices.

The main idea here is to turn all of the home electronic devices into wireless charging source, so that your phone will always be fully charged whenever at home. You don't need to connect your phone with wires for charging.

Talking about wireless charging patents, Apple has also joined the club recently, by filing a patent for an inductive wireless charging technology. Rumour has it that the company is now working with Energous, a wireless charging company that has built tech that can charge wirelessly from a distance — so if you're at home, your device can be charging no matter where you are in the house.