Sony Announces Release Date, Price Details for PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

Both the models are going to have the DualSense wireless controller along with the 3D audio capabilities

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) made an announcement about the launch date, price details for the most anticipated PlayStation 5. SIE also released the new updates to the game portfolio that include Final Fantasy XVI, Fortnite, Hogwarts Legacy, and also a new God of War title.

PS5 is going to launch in seven key markets, the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea on November 12. The worldwide rollout is going to continue on November 19 with launches in the rest of the world, including Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa.

PS5 Launch Date, Price

Sony PS5
The official Sony PlayStation 5 logo, unveiled by the company at CES 2020. Instagram / @playstation

The PS5 Digital Edition is going to be available for a recommended retail price of $399.99/¥39,980/€399.99, whereas the one with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive will be available for an RRP of $499.99/¥49,980/€499.99. Preorders will get started as early as tomorrow at the select retailers.

Both the models of PS5 use the same custom processor having integrated CPU and GPU for high-fidelity graphics up to 4K, as well as the same ultra-high-speed SSD with the integrated I/O. Both models also have the DualSense wireless controller and the 3D audio capabilities. "Since we first announced our next generation console last year, we have received astounding support from developers and gaming fans all around the world, and it's truly humbling," Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said.

"Now we are just a couple of months away from launching PS5, which will offer a new generation of experiences that go beyond players' expectations of how games can look, feel, sound, and play. We can't wait for our fans to experience for themselves the incredible speed, the heightened immersion, and the breathtaking games on PS5 when we launch this November," he added.

SIE Revealed Many New Games Coming to PS5 Including:

The exclusive titles from the SIE Worldwide Studios are going to be priced at launch from US$49.99 to US$69.99 (RRP) on PS5. The company also announced the price of the following accessories that are going to get launched along with the PS5 console.