The SONU Sleep System is Shifting Tradition and Coming to Retail Stores

SONU Sleep System

Los Angeles, California SONU is pushing the traditional flat mattress out of style with their launch of the SONU Sleep System, the largest innovation in mattress technology in decades.

For the first year of its introduction, the SONU Sleep System was only available online, but as of the start of 2023, the SONU will start to be introduced to brick-and-mortar stores on a nationwide scale. The team at SONU is thrilled to see this product launching on the retail market, as the company has been working on extensive research and development for quite some time.

The SONU Sleep System was designed by co-founders, Bradley Hall and Stason Strong, as the "the world's first mattress designed for side sleepers." With this specificity in mind, Hall and Strong worked to create a product that is dramatically more comfortable for side sleepers than any traditional flat mattress.

With a variety of sleep studies being conducted every year, scientists have concluded that the typical flat mattress that humans have been using for centuries is long outdated. The research suggests that these flat mattresses do not provide the proper support or space needed by the human body, and can leave people with soreness and fatigue after a long night of sleep.

The SONU Sleep System has been designed to contour to the natural curves and lines of the body, which has been proven to relieve joint and muscle aches by giving more support as well as extra room to areas of the body that need it.

In addition to these mattresses hitting shelves throughout the year, SONU is also producing and selling top pillows and sheet sets, specifically designed for their system. The SONU Top Pillows have been designed to provide the right amount of support and malleability to complement the Comfort Channel of the SONU mattress. The Top Pillow is placed on top of the Support Pillows that come with each SONU Sleep System to support the head and neck while the shoulders and arms rest within the Comfort Channel below.

The patented SONU Sheets are custom-made to fit the unique negative space of the SONU mattress. According to their website, the sheets are "soft, cooling, and sustainable." The company also offers the SONU Mattress Protector, which fits over the system and lines the Comfort Channel to provide waterproof protection for the whole mattress. The custom-made protectors help to prevent stains and prolong the life of the product. The SONU Sleep System, and all of its accessories, are available in Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

SONU is also hosting a Valentine's Day sale, offering their mattress, at all sizes, for $600 off of the original price. In addition, this sale includes two free pillows, created to work together with the patented mattress design.

"At SONU Sleep, the voice of our customers is critical to our success," Hall explains. "We approach the feedback of our customers with the utmost attention as we design new models and accessories." As SONU's mattress for side sleepers hits retailers in 2023, the company aims to continuously develop new, innovative sleep solutions.

SONU Sleep is a company that works in the mattress industry and has recently announced the launch of "the world's first mattress designed for side sleepers." This online product will now be hitting retailers in 2023. For more information about this product and the rest of the work being done at SONU, visit their website, SonuSleep dot com.