Hallyu star Song Joong Ki might feel a sense of nostalgia after going through a delightful social media post from one of his alumna.

Following Joong Ki's appointment as Korea's tourism ambassador, the 30-year-old actor's acquaintance posted a message on her Instagram revealing how their conversation came alive after ten years. Pinky Song revealed that when she asked Oppa on becoming a Brand Ambassador for Korean Tourism a decade ago, the Descendants of the Sun star gave a very vague reply to her question.

Elaborating the story, she wrote: "We once talked about this. Probably about 10 years ago? When Joon Ki becomes famous and is appointed as the Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism, I said I wanted to host the event and present him with the honors. It feels like it was just yesterday when he responded by waving his hand and saying, 'Noona, how could I ever~', but now you're really a world star!! The day that our dreams came true. Thank you."

Adding on, Joong Ki was chosen as Honorary Brand Ambassador for Korean Tourism in April. The advertisments are expected to release in early July. As per Soompi, the ministry is focusing on utilizing Joong Ki's fame in Japan and South East Asia to promote tourism.